Increase Performance

TriboTEX uses a smart nano particle technology to reverse wear in engines. Our nano material finds the worn surfaces inside engines and places a diamond-like coating on them. This coating allows for better lubrication and replaces worn away material.

Scientifically Proven

We’ve been awarded over one million dollars in grants from the National Science Foundation and other agencies to conduct research and make our material in large production quantities. Now we bring TriboTEX to you for use in any vehicle.

Save Money

TriboTEX will save you money by improving your vehicles fuel efficiency by up to 6% and making your engine last longer. It’s like ceramic protective coatings used in some of high-performance engines and it reduces friction 10X BETTER than engine oil alone.

Made in the USA

flag-120x95pxTriboTEX creates a self-regulating diamond-like protective layer during normal engine operation that reverses wear.