Pavlo Rudenko – CTO/TriboTEX Founder


PhD in Materials Science; his nano-lubrication research was sponsored by Department of Energy via Hydropower Research Foundation, NASA Space Grant and Singularity University Scholarship (GSP11) as well as in kind support from Pacific Northwest and Argonne National Labs. The preliminary research was conducted in the Materials Research Center at Washington State University and Tribology Group of Energy division Of Argonne National Laboratory with extensive materials characterization have been done at Pacific Northwest National Lab. He was the PI on the previous NSF SBIR Grant. Currently, Dr. Rudenko is serving as the PI on the NSF SBIR Phase II Grant.


Matt Hanley – Acting Chief Executive Officer

MattHanley_facePrevious positions include Business Development Coordinator for a car dealership (3 years) and an operations supervisor at a large-scale manufacturing plant (2 years). During this time, Matt developed operational skills centering the mass production, packaging, and shipping of products. With experience in both the automotive and manufacturing industries, Matt has attained valuable knowledge into the real world application potential of TriboTEX products.



AlQassem Naim – Chief Marketing Operator

QassemNaim_faceCurrent assistant commercialization liaison at the Technology Transfer office of Washington State University. With his BS in Microbiology, he combines a great background in science with a comprehensive understanding of the commercialization process.





Tom Gualtieri – Vice President of Engineering

TomGualtieri_face4.0 GPA graduate student in Materials Science at WSU. Formerly employed with military contractors.